Cooling additives: prevent fouling of the cooling system additives.


Corrosion Protection

Cooling additives often contain anti-corrosion agents that help protect the metal components of your vehicle’s cooling system, such as the radiator and engine block. This protection is crucial for preventing rust and corrosion, which can lead to cooling system problems and leaks.


Some cooling additives include lubricating properties that help the water pump and other moving parts within the cooling system operate smoothly, reducing wear and tear.

Boil-Over and Freeze Protection

Some additives enhance the boiling point and lower the freezing point of the coolant, helping your engine stay within the optimal temperature range in both extreme hot and cold conditions.


Using a coolant additive as part of regular maintenance can extend the life of your cooling system and help it operate at its peak performance.

Reduced Scale and Deposits

Coolant additives may prevent the buildup of scale and deposits inside the cooling system, improving its efficiency and prolonging the life of the components.

Anti-Foaming Properties

Coolant additives can reduce foaming within the cooling system, ensuring efficient heat transfer and preventing air bubbles that could hinder cooling.

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