What are the benefits of using Fast Orange Hand Cleaner?

December 29, 2023
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What is Fast Orange Hand Cleaner?

Fast Orange Hand Cleaner is a popular hand-cleaning product manufactured by Permatex, primarily known for its effectiveness in removing tough grime, grease, and dirt, especially for those in automotive, manufacturing, and other hands-on industries.

The cleaner is biodegradable and waterless, and it’s often recognised by its distinctive orange citrus scent, which comes from natural citrus ingredients.

Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaner 3.78l

Effective Cleaning

It’s designed to handle the toughest of grimes, including automotive grease, paint, and other hard-to-remove contaminants. This makes it especially popular among mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.

Pumice Advantage

Many versions of the cleaner contain pumice, a natural, light, and porous volcanic rock. Pumice acts as a gentle abrasive, helping to scrub away tough stains and dirt without being too harsh on the skin.


One of the major benefits of Fast Orange is that you don’t necessarily need water to use it. You can apply it directly to your hands, scrub, and then wipe away, making it convenient for on-the-go cleaning.

Multiple Uses

While it’s primarily a hand cleaner, Fast Orange can also be used for cleaning various surfaces, from tools to laundry stains, making it versatile.

Natural Ingredients

Fast Orange is often formulated with natural citrus, which not only lends it a pleasant smell but also adds to its grease-cutting power.


Unlike some industrial hand cleaners, Fast Orange often includes conditioners like lanolin, aloe, and jojoba to keep the skin moisturised, preventing it from becoming dry or cracked.


For those concerned about environmental impact, Fast Orange is biodegradable, ensuring that its usage won’t contribute to long-term environmental harm.


Given its effectiveness and the relatively small amount needed for cleaning, Fast Orange it provides good value for money.