Premium E5 Petrol – is it worth spending your extra pennies

April 5, 2023
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One of his listeners asked the question whether is was better for his car to use the Super Unleaded Petrol E5 instead of the cheaper Unleaded E10 petrol which is more widely available at Supermarkets.

The conclusion was that it helped to occasionally fill up your car with Super Unleaded even though it was on average 15p per litre more expensive. A combination of additives in the E5 petrol help clean the injectors and fuel lines, clearing deposits of carbon and any lacquer build up which bolsters performance. It was felt that the E10 unleaded petrol, now the standard had marginally reduced the miles per gallon achieved.

It suggested using a proprietary additive brand could be beneficial but to stay clear of unknown brands that made extraordinary statements – the program referred to these as ‘snake oil’.

At Skinny Tree we believe that the extra cost of Super Unleaded E5 will cost on average £9 per tank. The amount of useful additives helping to clear deposits of carbon in this fuel would be minimal. Car owners would be far better using a market leading brand Injector and Fuel System Cleaner which is specifically formulated to keep injectors and fuel system clear from unwanted deposits. This will naturally boost performance and fuel economy in your vehicle.

To coincide with this podcast, Skinny Tree are offering the Wynn’s Xtreme Petrol System Clean 325ml for just £5.99 (Buy 3 or more and save a further 10%) making the Wynn’s additive much better value than using a tank of Premium E5 fuel. We recommend using the additive every 6 months or 3,000 miles.

Wynn’s Xtreme Petrol System Clean 325ml is a powerful ‘one tank’ clean up, designed to restore, protect and maintain the performance of modern, direct injection petrol engines. You simply add a bottle of the System Clean to you fuel tank – minimum of 25 litres of existing fuel in the tank. It’s recommended for all petrol engines, including direct injection, carburettor and hybrid engines.

Wynn’s Xtreme Petrol System Clean 325ml protects and cleans the injectors and the entire fuel system whilst restoring lost engine performance. Helps maintain the cleanliness of the Turbo, EGR and CAT whilst restoring fuel economy and reducing exhaust emissions. It also contains PEA (polyetheramine), a powerful chemical helping remove stubborn deposits from the fuel system, combustion chamber and turbo outlet.

We recommend Wynn’s Xtreme Petrol System Clean 325ml should be applied every 6 months or approximately 3,000 miles.

Keep an eye out for our new subscription service that will ensure you never have to remember to order the additive, we will simply send it out to you when your car needs it.

You can listen to the full BBC podcast here:

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