Top UK classic car insurance companies for 2024

February 10, 2024
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Time to insure your classic motor? When looking for classic car insurance in the UK, there are several companies well-regarded for their classic vehicle insurance coverage options, customer service, and understanding of the classic car market.

When choosing a classic car insurance company, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your vehicle and your plans for using it, such as mileage, where you’ll be driving, and whether you’ll need cover for events or overseas travel. Always get quotes from multiple insurers and read reviews to understand their service quality and claims process. Interested in engine protection through the colder months – find out our top engine additive recommendations.


Hagerty specialise in classic and collector cars, offering tailored policies that consider the unique needs of classic car owners, including agreed value cover and low mileage discounts.

Heritage Classic Car Insurance

Heritage Classic Car Insurance offers a variety of policies for classic cars, including those under restoration. They also provide cover for modifications and agreed value policies.

RH Specialist Vehicle Insurance

RH Specialist Vehicle Insurance offers comprehensive cover for a wide range of classic vehicles, with policies that can include agreed value, salvage retention, and cover for European tours.

Peter Best Insurance Services (PBIS)

Peter Best Insurance Services (PBIS) has been in the market since the 1980s, offering competitive classic car insurance policies that can include agreed value, rally cover, and breakdown cover.

Lancaster Insurance

Lancaster Insurance has over 35 years of experience insuring classic cars, providing a range of options that include multi-car policies and limited mileage discounts.

Footman James

Footman James a well-known provider with over 35 years in the industry, offering specialized classic car insurance that includes features like agreed value, club member discounts, and cover for rallies and events.

Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux known for insuring a broad array of vehicles, including classics, modified cars, and kit cars. They offer agreed value, limited mileage discounts, and cover for a wide range of uses and activities.

Classicline Insurance

Classicline Insurance offers a variety of policies for classic cars, including those for younger drivers, track day cover, and policies for classic car collections.