Rain-X Graphene Wheel Cleaner and Protectant 500ml


  • 3in1: Cleans, shines and protects
  • Graphene coating
  • Acid-free, pH balanced

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Rain-X Graphene Wheel Cleaner and Protectant is a 3-in-1 solution specially formulated with Graphene Armor Nanotechnology to clean, shine, and protect the rims of your car.

The colour-changing formulation dissolves brake dust and road grime effectively for a streak-free high gloss finish. The Graphene coating shields against re-contamination of brake dust, and
environmental elements.

Subsequent cleaning is required less frequently. Acid-free, pH balanced. Safe for
all wheel types.

Shake well before use. Apply in shaded area to cool surfaces only. Protect against freezing. Store at a cool temperature.

  • Step 1: spray the cleaner on one wheel at a time, covering all areas
  • Step 2: allow to set for 2-3 minutes until the rims are completely red. Do not allow the liquid to dry
  • Step 3: use a soft, clean brush or microfiber to rub the product onto wheels
  • Step 4: rinse the wheels with water


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