SLICK50 Engine Treatment 750ml


SLICK50 Engine Treatment 750ml keeps the engine clean by preventing the build up of sludge and is compatible with all major types of mineral and semi-synthetic motor oil.

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SLICK50 Engine Treatment is suitable against friction and heat over successive oil changes, during tough stop-go driving, high temperature and high stress conditions. Helps extend engine durability with the following features:

  • Proprietary friction modifier creates enhanced layer of lubrication to minimise heat produced by friction in the engine
  • Anti-wear agent forms a self-generating protective surface between metal engine parts to prevent metals from grating together
  • Dispersant helps keep engine clean by preventing the build-up of sludge and deposits on engine parts

Why should I add SLICK50 engine treatment to my vehicle engine?

Compatible with all major types of mineral and semi-synthetic motor oil. Available in 500ml (for engines up to 1400cc) and 750ml (for engines up to 3000cc) bottles.

This enhanced semi-synthetic engine oil meets API SM/CF requirements to better ensure your oil change is NOT diluted.

Instructions: Pour directly into the engine. Do not overfill. If carrying out a full oil and filter change drain oil and fit new oil filter. Refill with motor oil, replacing 500ml of oil with 500ml of SLICK50 engine treatment. Check oil level. Use at every oil change for maximum effectiveness or at least every 12,500m / 20,000km.


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