SLICK50 Fuel System Treatment 375ml


SLICK50 Fuel System Treatment 375ml smoothes rough idling, improves fuel efficiency and cleans harmful deposits and protects against future accumulation.

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  • Removes deposits and cleans the entire fuel system to help restore to its best performance, also helping to prevent future accumulation
  • Helps reduce emissions and maintain optimum performance, fuel economy and smooth running of the vehicle
  • Provides better drivability: less hesitation on acceleration, smoother idle, reduced knock and ping sounds
  • Protects against friction

Why should I add SLICK50 engine treatment to my vehicle engine?

Instructions: When the fuel tank is nearly empty, pour the entire content of the container into the tank. Refuel with up to 55 litres / 12 gallons of fuel. Repeat application every 3000m (5000km).


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