Wynn’s Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 325ml

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Wynn’s Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 325ml, is a chemical treatment for diesel engines that reduces soot emissions, cleans and regenerates the particulate filter.

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Wynn’s Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 325ml helps to reduce carbon build up, clears and regenerates the particulate filter without the need to remove the system. This can prevent hefty maintenance costs.

  • Reduces soot formation during the fuel combustion cycle
  • Clears and regenerates blocked soot filters without dismantling
  • Complete burn-off of soot particles during driving
  • Avoids frequent maintenance costs related to the manual regeneration of the blocked soot filter
  • Optimizes combustion and lowers fuel consumption
  • Especially suited for city driving cycles
  • Can be used in combination with built-in regeneration systems
  • Ultra-fast result!

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1 review for Wynn’s Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 325ml

  1. Rob Cave

    Don’t panic if your DPF light comes on – Wynn’s have it covered.

    It’s typical that a week before my MOT was due that the DPF warning light flashed up on the dashboard. First reaction was this is bound to be expensive. After doing a little research I came across Wynn’s DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Cleaner 325ml and for under £10 it sounded too good to be true. I ordered through Skinny Tree Limited and the product arrived 48 hours later.

    The 325ml bottle is simply poured in to the fuel tank and then some sort of magic happens. After driving my 2016 VW Passat R-Line Estate on just a short trip the DPF light went out! I was still sceptical about the results but surely the MOT would pick up on any emission issues. But thankfully the car passed the test with no problems.

    I would thoroughly recommend this product and will certainly take a look at other Wynn’s additives with confidence.

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