Wynn’s Universal Degreaser 500ml

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Wynn’s Universal Degreaser 500ml is a water-based formula with the exclusive non-drip effect, designed to remove grease from all type of surfaces. It is water soluble for an easier and safer cleaning.

Its non-drip feature allows a precise application, a much higher contact time between the product and the surface area to clean, either vertical or horizontal, and consequently, an optimal, faster and easier removal of any type of dirt.

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What does the Wynn’s Universal Degreaser 500ml do?

Wynn’s Universal Degreaser 500ml is a non-drip formula universal degreaser.

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  • Universal degreaser, applicable to most of the surfaces found in vehicles
  • Easy to apply and remove after softening or dissolving the stuck dirt
  • Water soluble for a perfect finish, free of dirt
  • Non-Drip formulation for a deeper, optimal cleaning
  • The product stays in place for the necessary time to either soften or remove the targeted dirt, no matter if the surface is not in horizontal position

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1 review for Wynn’s Universal Degreaser 500ml

  1. James Billows

    Wynn’s Universal Degreaser 500ml worked amazing on engine grease and grease around the doors of my car.

    Got my car looking great. I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone.

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