How do engine additive treatments work? Buy direct from Skinny Tree Limited.


Engine additive treatments work by introducing specific chemicals or compounds into your engine's oil, fuel, or other systems to address various issues or provide certain benefits.

It’s important to choose engine additive treatments that address your vehicle’s specific needs and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for usage to ensure optimal results.


Many engine additive treatments contain detergents and solvents that help dissolve and remove deposits and contaminants that accumulate in the engine, such as carbon buildup in fuel injectors or sludge in the oil system.


Certain engine additive treatments can help rejuvenate gaskets and seals, reducing oil leaks and improving the overall sealing of the engine.


Some engine additive treatments aim to boost performance, such as octane boosters for improved combustion or anti-knock additives to prevent engine knocking.


Some engine additive treatments are designed to improve lubrication within the engine, reducing friction between moving parts and preventing wear and tear.


Engine additive treatments may provide protection against corrosion, oxidation, and other chemical reactions that can degrade engine components over time.


engine additive treatments can be formulated to reduce harmful emissions from the exhaust by optimising combustion and reducing carbon buildup.